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Product Certification – Issues and Solutions

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What are the issues

Some Product Certifications are legal requirements. For example if you sell Emergency/Panic Exit doorsets you have to have Third Party Product Certification from a Notified Body (Build Check are a Notified Body).

Alternatively, Certification like SBD, Energy Ratings, CE marking etc are required by specifiers or are used as a marketing tool to help differentiate between manufacturers products. It can be difficult to navigate these requirements.

Once you have the appropiate Certification you will find it easier to meet the requirements of Specifiers / Architects / Clients / Housing Assocs. Specifiers are coming under increasing pressure to make sure that they do their "due diligence" when it comes to product procurement - especially in the case of life safety.

Third Party Certification from Build Check will make the Specifiers life easier and so in turn allow you to tender for more contracts and increase your sales.

When your Product Certification is complete, you will receive your certificate enabling you to use the Build Check Certification Mark. This Mark can be used to confirm you have met the requirements of the product standards. Additionally it demonstrates your company’s commitment to producing quality products and services. Without Certification it can become difficult to convince specifiers that you meet requirements.


How do you solve them

Quite simply get certified!

It may seem daunting but with Build Check’s help you can easily navigate the minefield of Certification and establish what certification you need.  The process to getting certification requires your attention, however it is not difficult and there are many ways we can help.

What is the process?

  1. Pick up the phone and speak to a member of the Build Check team. Within 10 minutes we can establish what certification you may or may not not need.
  2. Once certification requirements are established we can discuss the range of products you wish to cover and at this point we can send you a no obligation quote for the services you need.
  3. If you accept the quotation you need to fill in some paperwork and return that to us. A date for the initial audit can then be booked. Once the audit is complete and any outstanding issues have been corrected, the Certificate can be issued.

You are now entitled to use the Build Check Mark. To maintain the certification and Build Check Mark you will need to be audited - usually on an annual basis. If required, any associated testing can be undertaken in our Test Laboratory based in High Wycombe.

The Certification process normally takes 1-2 months but it has been done in two weeks - although the speed at which the certification process happens usually depends on the time you dedicate to moving the process on. The process is simple and with Build Check’s help, not difficult.


Build Check are accredited by UKAS for Product Certification and Testing (UKAS No 4044) and have over 20 years of experience of helping customers to get products certified and tested effectively, with minimal fuss and great value (not cheap) – up to 50% cheaper than larger and less responsive organisation (you know who we mean!).


Click here for further information on Product Certification and Product Testing

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