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Sound Insulation testing of Dwellings - Frequently Asked Questions

 Does my project need sound insulation testing?

All new build dwellings that are not detached properties will need "Pre-completion" testing undertaken in accordance with Part E, unless registered with Robust Details Ltd.

Properties that have undergone a change of use from say an office block to a block of flats or a single house changed to three flats will also require testing.

Hostels, hotels, boarding houses, hall of residences or residential homes are all considered dwellings and testing is likely to be required.

 How much testing is required?

10% of all plots of each type of construction on a site will require testing. Typically each set of tests would include 2 Party wall tests and 2 Airborne and 2 Impact Party floor tests.

 What rooms need testing?

Testing should be undertaken between living accommodations e.g. bedroom to bedroom, living room to living room etc. Testing of Party walls and floors between say bathrooms, corridors etc, is not usually required under Part E.

 How long does testing take?

Airborne partition testing takes approximately 15 minutes per test. An impact test takes generally around 10 minutes.

 When can I have testing conducted?

A good rule of thumb is if the power is live and all doors, windows etc. are fully installed with wall and floor partitions complete, then testing can take place. Carpets should not be fitted at the time of testing.

It is usually beneficial to have both the air tightness testing and acoustic testing undertaken at the same stage of the project.

 What information is required for a quotation?

The extent of testing will be dependent on Party walls, floors, room layouts and construction types. A set of general arrangement drawings will therefore be required for each floor which should be emailed to Build Check along with site address and contact details. Proposals and a quotation can then be made in compliance with Approved Document, Part E.


Build Check are accredited by UKAS to undertake Sound Insulation testing in accordance with Part E and is therefore recognised by Building Control as being suitably qualified to carry out pre-completion testing.

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