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Domestic Ventilation

Domestic ventilation testing is required by Part F Building Regulations 2010 to verify that all ventilation systems in new domestic dwellings are fully compliant with building regulation targets. Ventilation testing is carried out by measuring airflow rates on all mechanical ventilation, including everything from intermittently used extract fans and cooker hoods to continuously running systems.

Build Check offer a quick and cost-effective domestic ventilation testing service nationwide, which can take place alongside Part L air tightness testing and/or acoustic testing to reduce site disruption. All Build Check tests are carried out by BPEC qualified engineers.

Tests are required for three types* of ventilation systems, as described in Part F:

System 1 – Background ventilators and intermittent extract fans
System 3 – Continuous mechanical extract (MEV)
System 4 – Continuous mechanical supply and extract with heat recovery (MVHR).

* Testing is not required for System 2 – Passive stack ventilation (PSV).

Recommended ventilation test preparation:

  • A schedule of fan manufacturers, model numbers and their locations are required for each dwelling
  • All fans are to be tested and must therefore be fully fitted and operational
  • All background ventilators (e.g. trickle vents) should be installed and left in open position
  • All windows and doors to be fitted and left in closed position
  • Final floor finishes should ideally be finished with sufficient undercut to the doors to allow air transfer between rooms i.e. 10mm over and above final floor finish