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Thermographic surveys

A thermographic survey (also known as a thermal imaging survey) is carried out on commercial or residential buildings using state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras. These surveys can help to maximise heating efficiency, conserve energy and reduce costs by identifying areas of thermal bridging, which can cause instability of a building’s internal temperatures. Thermal bridging forms part of the compliance requirement within Part L of the Building Regulations.

Thermography is a quick, convenient and cost-effective way to identify a range of possible building defects including:

  • air leakage paths through the building envelope
  • masonry gaps and insulation defects
  • areas of flooding, damp or water ingress eg. leaking roofs
  • leaking pipes eg. in underfloor heating
  • extra credits obtained for BREEAM

Build Check thermographic surveys are conducted by ITC Level 2 Thermographers, when a building is complete but prior to handover, in accordance with:

  • BS EN 13187:1999 - Thermal performance of buildings. Qualitative detection of thermal irregularities in building envelopes. Infrared method.
  • BRE Report 176 - A practical guide to infrared thermography for building surveys.

Our engineers will discuss any areas for potential improvement with the contractor on site with full reporting.