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Don’t let air test failures delay Practical Completion Top 10 steps to reduce Airtightness test failures: ... Continue reading
New test laboratory for window and door testing Build Check are pleased to announce the opening of our new test laboratory for window and door testing. With the new premises less than half a mile from the previous laboratory we have doubled the quantity of ... Continue reading
BuildCheck Mark
Check out Build Check’s new Check Mark How do you quickly and easily show that products are certified? When you’ve invested in testing the products you manufacture it’s important to be able to tell customers and specifiers about the stringent ... Continue reading
build check sound out
Sound Out Build Check’s Acoustic Calculator Deal There are millions of properties in the UK with main roads, airports and railways close by that are affected by noise from traffic. Demand from home and building owners for windows that block out noise pollution is ... Continue reading
ce mark
CE Marking CE Marking is a mandatory requirement in the UK for building products to comply with the EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR). Most external windows and doors will need CE Marking and it is the responsibly of ... Continue reading