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On-site hose and spray bar testing - UKAS Accredited

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Build Check is a UKAS accredited testing house and as such we offer our clients 2 types of tests to certify a construction project as weathertight. These are:


1.       Hose Testing – suitable for closed joint curtain walling and sloped glazing systems (CWCT Standards for Systemised Building Envelopes: 2006, AAMA 501.2-09 & NHBC Standards 2011 Chapter 6.9 S10) or CWCT Section 9, TN 41 and AAMA 501.94 & 501.2-09.


2.       Spray Bar Testing – suitable for open-jointed systems for example: rain screen cladding, unsealed patent glazing and opening joints, as water is not forced into the joint. This test can also be used to identify leakage in cladding, curtain walling systems, roofs and skylights (European Standard BS EN 13051: 2001, CWCT Standards 2011 & NHBC Standards 2011 Chapter 6.9 S1 or CWCT Section 10, TN41 and BS EN 13051:2001.


Build Check engineers have extensive regulatory knowledge and product development expertise and can guide you through the testing process with ease, saving you time and money.


For a quote or to book a test, please contact us on 01494 452713 or email

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