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Security Testing - An introduction to PAS 24

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An Introduction to PAS 24

PAS 24 is a standard set of tests designed to assess the security of doors and windows against the effects of an opportunistic burglar. It is not designed to defend against a professional thief. The tests involved consider the size of tool used and the time it would take to be noticed.

Why do people need PAS 24?

To comply with current building regulations all new dwellings require doors and windows to have test evidence showing they have passed the security aspects of PAS 24. This means that any company wanting to put their products into a new dwelling must have passed this test first.

What is needed to comply with those building regulations?

The security aspects of PAS 24 is all that is needed. None of the operational tests are needed.

But why do we need it?

Because of Building Regulations - and people want to feel secure in their own houses.

But I am building a commercial building, do I still need it?

No, the Building Regulations currently only require PAS 24 on new dwellings.

Ok, so I must have this, is it expensive?

It doesn't need to be expensive - once successfully tested, no further testing would be required unless there are any future changes to your product or to regulations.

So, if I have something tested, what is covered by that test?

When we test something, we ask for the largest configuration that you sell - smaller configurations would then be covered. Each different design will need to be tested -  this includes any changes to hardware, glazing detail, construction etc.

It is therefore beneficial to keep a simple range of products

Is it hard to pass the tests in PAS 24?

With the right hardware and construction details incorporated into your product then successful testing can often be achieved.

Right, ok so I want to go ahead with this, what now?

Contact our office to discuss your product range and hence your testing requirements. A formal quotation will then be sent detailing the testing required.

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